Trainings held on the topic of adaptation to climate change in agriculture within the NAP project

The sixth training in a row that follows the challenges of climate change organized by UNDP was held on December 14 through the zoom platform for the representatives of the Bor and Zajecar districts. The next day, the seventh training in a row was held in Krusevac, for participants from the Rasina and Moravian districts who followed the gathering live and via the zoom platform.

At the sixth and seventh gatherings, which were organized after Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac, Vrdnik and Zlatibor, the most attention was aimed to measures of adaptation to the agricultural sector. Professors from the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Belgrade spoke about adapting to the changed climatic conditions for fruit growing, viticulture, farming, animal husbandry, meadow and pasture.

Agriculture is by its nature is highly dependent on climate change. Various technological solutions are being developed and applied in order to reduce the dependence of agricultural production on unpredictable climatic conditions. In addition to prevention and adaptation measures based on experiences, good practices and lessons learned at the local government level, the trainings showed how necessary it is for domestic producers to adapt to new conditions and that agricultural production needs to adapt to climate change. to be carried out systematically, bearing in mind the threats that are coming.

Attached are presentations from the trainings:

Prilagođavanje sektora stočarstva klimatskim promenama

Potencijal i mogućnosti navodnjavanja u poljoprivredi

Uticaj klimatskih promena i mere adaptacije u voćarstvu

Uticaj klimatskih promena i mere adaptacije u vinogradarstvu

Uticaj klimatskih promena i mere adaptacije u ratarstvu

Uticaj klimatskih promena na livade i pašnjake i mere adaptacije