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March 18, 2022
  • Round table on “Climatological data in the service of adaptation to changed climatic conditions” within the NAP project

    A round table entitled “Climatological data in the service of adaptation to changed climate conditions” was held in Belgrade on March 16, 2022 within the project “Improvement of medium-term and long-term planning of measures to adapt to changed climate conditions in the Republic of Serbia – NAP project”. United Nations Development Agency (UNDP) in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and with the financial support of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The round table brought together 70 participants, including participants present via the zoom platform.

    Just before the start, the participants were greeted by Miroslav Tadic, Program Analyst at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Environment, Sandra Dokic, while Zorica Korac from UNDP presented the importance of climate data for the roundtable. improvement of medium-term and long-term planning of measures for adaptation to changed climatic conditions in the Republic of Serbia

    Representatives of RHMZ, Predrag Zivadinovic and Ivica Nikolic presented information on hydrological observation systems of surface and groundwater, while Dragan Mihic presented climatological products of RHMZ and web portal DANUBECLIM. In the continuation, Slavica Radovanovic spoke about agrometeorological products – drought monitoring and forecasting, while Biljana Milic Petrović had a presentation on the topic of the index of climate extremes.

    During the discussion, the participants of the round table touched on topics such as the importance of climatological data to improve the planning of adaptation measures, types of climatological data relevant to users, adequate data format, usability of data and ways of communicating with data. At the very end of the round table, Professor Vladimir Djurdjevic, from the Institute of Meteorology, University of Belgrade, presented the NAP web platform to support adaptation planning.


    Attached are the presentations from the meeting:


    Hidroloski osmatracki sistem_Površinske_vode


    Indeksi klimatskih ekstrema RHMZ.pdf


    Hidroloski osmatracki sistem_PodzemneVode_RHMZ